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Our Story

Here’s a little background about Posture Werks, and what makes the company care about our own customers’ own well-being. 💚😊

How Posture Werks Began

Posture Werks is the first posture & body wellness concept store that specializes in good posture & healthy living products.
Posture Werks aims to help the daily worker maintain and carry out her daily activities in a positive way by offering the right wellness tools and equipment.
When the founder of Posture Werks, Shay, witnessed his mother’s deteriorating spinal and posture problems and osteoporosis condition, he felt totally helpless and unsure what to do other than to seek medical help. Shay’s mother was overworked by doing 3 jobs (including working as a seamstress at home) when he was still young, working late into the night everyday and often slept for less than 4 hours. She also did not pay too much attention to her own diet, opting to spend better on food on her son instead.

Did years of overworking, little sleep and lack of proper meals lead to the present body health issues?

All these came to Shay’s realization that intervention needs to begin at an early stage if we want to be healthy as we grow older.

He then discovered that there is a lack of a one-stop place that specializes in everything related to early-stage body and bone health issues. He strongly believes that maintaining a healthy physical body requires not just a good diet, but also adequate exercise and lifestyle and healthy activities and sleeping well. This can greatly reduce the chances of needing medical attention on body issues later on in life.
Care For Your Body While You Are Young

That's why we created Posture Werks

Posture Werks is created to help the busy worker – you – to initiate your recovery process from bad posture, body pains or muscle stress at an early stage, before conditions may get worse. We also believe that a healthy body must begin from positive habits, and that’s why our range of products are diverse, from encouraging positive habits to form to improving and easing aching and posture issues which will be beneficial to your overall well-being in the long run.

Our mission is to help every adult and child maintain and care for their body and overall well-being when they are young. We take on issues from a problem-based approach, and work to provide as many solutions that are relevant to every unique body posture or aching issue as possible.