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Better Posture, Better Sleep

Having poor posture can affect the duration and quality of your sleep. In addition, your sleeping position can also affect your health, just as much as sitting and standing. Here’s why posture is so important, and how Posture Werks can help. 👇😉

Posture affects your sleep, and your sleep can also affect your posture too. This is why we need to maintain a good posture not just while awake (standing or sitting), but also during sleep!

1) We sleep ⅓ of our lives

We spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping. Besides standing and sitting posture, our sleeping position can also greatly affect our health, contributing to our back aches, neck pain or stiff shoulders. We probably will be in a fixed position for at least several hours during sleep (except for the occasional toss and turn). An awkward sleeping posture will result in pain the next day, and even cause longer term back or neck issues.

2) Posture affects our lives...and sleep

35% of Americans are already sleeping less than normal. With a bad posture, existing neck and back problems can lead to even poorer quality of sleep, including insomnia, apnea, and sleeping discomfort. And this means even shorter duration of sleep. This can hamper the ability to learn efficiently, make decisions and solve problems.

3) Vicious cycle of posture and sleep

The vicious cycle will continue if you let your body pain (especially lower back and neck) disturb your sleep, and your body does not have time at night to repair them. This increases stress when you’re sleep-deprived, and it can worsen spine angles and slouching. This deteriorates muscle coordination efforts, and makes it more difficult to maintain a healthy posture.

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